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CNC Machining & Assembly

For many years JH Lavender has offered its customers machining, however the majority of operations were very simple processes carried out on special purpose type equipment.

We now offer a complete package of full CNC machining as well as more conventional type of operations for our customers. The majority of our CNC work is carried out on Mazak, Fanuc, Riello and Chiron CNC machines.

Fast and efficient processes are required by our customers in an effort to continually drive product cost down while at the same time improving product quality where at all possible. JHL are continually investing in our future, a key part of which involves CNC equipment.

It is essential we do this in order to maintain our ability to meet our emerging customer requirements. Our flexible machining operations subsequently offer both vertical and horizontal machining combined with 4th and 5th axis capability thus ensuring flexible solutions.

Our new machine shop facility will help us move on to a completely new level of performance. Our new facility was built during the latter part of 2017 / early 2018 and we are now in the process of completing and commencing the transfer of CNC equipment.

We anticipate being fully operational in our new home by the close of 2018.

This is an extremely exciting time for us as it is a clear statement of our intent for the future of the company.

Our machining operation has been continually expanding in recent years and it was essential that we prepared a new home for our larger operation.

Our future will revolve around the supply of components that are fully machined and assembled. This has become increasingly clear to us in recent times as our customer focus has shown a distinct shift towards fully finished components and assemblies.

Latest Machining Investment

Our latest investment includes 2 new Mazak 200 quick turn machines to complement our current CNC machine plant capacity. In addition, we have successfully installed a new Fanuc robodrill a-D21LiA5 high power version vertical machining centre.

This investment increases the number of our vertical machining centres to six. This commitment to investing in our future development allows us to offer all our current & potential customers a much greater variety of machining operations and finishes.