JH Lavender & Co Ltd was founded in 1917 by Mr John Herbert Lavender.

The company was founded to serve the motorcycle industry which was booming in the early part of the 20th century. Great British Motorcycle Marques such as Ariel, AJS, BSA, Matchless, Norton, Panther, Triumph, Velocette and Villiers, a became key customers for JH Lavender in the early 1900’s.

“Vast experience was also gained in the Marine World during this time too. JHL became a key supplier to Internationally recognised companies such as British Seagull & British Anzani. Both of these companies were giants in the small marine engine sector and both became closely linked with JHL in key supplier partnerships relatively early on in our company history.

That era coincided with an enormous demand for transport, fuelled by the returning servicemen and women, many of whom had their first experiences of motorcycles, boats or cars while at arms. Motorcycle competitions had also returned in 1919. Hill-climbs, sprints and trials regained all their pre-war popularity, while the Isle of Man TT and Brooklands were back in 1920.

“In response to customer demand, a major expansion took place in 1931 when the new purpose-built premises at Stone Cross, West Bromwich commenced production of castings using the gravity process in addition to the already established sand process. More key developments were seen in the late 1930’s when a brand new process was adopted. JHL with a vision of the future, invested in its first high pressure die casting machine which was to lead to a significant period of growth in the Company history and effectively laid down the foundations upon which the business has been built to date. Little did anyone know the importance of this purchase in terms of the future direction and growth of the company.

“Throughout the following decades, JH Lavender continued to develop extensive knowledge and experience in the pressure die-casting industry which has proven vital in our continuous development to the current day. Some very significant changes to our business operations have taken place in recent years. A major investment programme has been undertaken in order to continue our business growth into a new Century of trading.

Latest additions to our plant include the purchase of two 750-tonne, fully automated high pressure aluminium die casting cells, adding to the ten high pressure machines we already operate. The majority of our die cast cells have 6 axis robotic automation as standard. 

“Our wide variety of machine sizes now offer the ability to manufacture complex components up to 8kg utilising our 1600 tonne machine. We are very proud to be one of only 5 die casters in the UK with this high tonnage range of machine. Furthermore, we are now a key supplier of fully machined and assembled products to many of our current customers. This has been made possible through the introduction and development of CNC machining operations in the late 1990’s and today JH Lavender has a comprehensive range of CNC machining equipment available to meet its customers’ requirements. “

“What has primarily driven these changes and continues to do so is our consistent commitment to ongoing improvements and cost effectiveness.

We are fully aware of how price sensitive supply chains can be, and our continual dedication to improvement and supply of Premium Quality products has ensured we retain our position at the forefront of the UK die casting industry.

Our investment plans are set to continue well beyond 2017/18 into our new centenary of trading.”