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Bespoke Die Manufacture


Premium Quality die tooling and maintenance is the life blood of any foundry. Die tooling can be an expensive investment and our customers appreciate that the construction and quality of tooling manufactured and maintained by JH Lavender will live up to and exceed their expectations.

Flow simulation software is utilized to optimize component and process design and Computer software systems including Solidworks 2018, Pro- Engineer, Pro-toolmaker and Mastercam are regularly utilised for die manufacture. This is an essential element of the project development process and helps to ensure a smooth transition of products into volume manufacture.

The process enables the technical knowledge to be built into the die design from a very early stage of the process. The simulation software is effectively a proving ground for design ideas prior to any commitment being given to cut die steels. Historically (prior to the software availability) this area was seen as a bit of a “grey art” and if there were issues with a new die cast tool, remedial action could prove quite costly. Tools can only ever be as good as the technical knowledge built into them and fortunately we have some of the very best technical expertise available at JH Lavender.

The software also allows for alternative ideas to be considered as it is often the case that there is more than one solution to every challenge. Simulation packages allow designers and tooling experts to consider alternative options in their efforts to finalise the best possible solution. We are happy to work closely with our customers from a very early project stage to ensure this is the case in each and every project.


A decade ago, JHL purchased a Toolmaking supplier of 35 years, Abbey Die & Tool. We relocated the facility from Walsall in the beginning of 2018 onto our West Bromwich site enabling numerous benefits for JHL and our customers.

We are now able to co-ordinate new tooling manufacturing activities from our HQ and this has already led to an increase in the numbers of die cast tools being manufactured “in-house”. In some instances, this has also led to a reduction in costs which we have been able to share with some of our key customers.

Our ambition is that we will continue to grow this area of the business for mutual benefit. We currently manufacture approximately a quarter of all new tooling on-site. Our ambition is to manufacture larger numbers of tools internally which will lead to us being able to offer our customer base improved and reduced project costs and where possible, reduced lead-times too.

Customer models can be received from all major CAD / CAM software systems, enabling a rapid quotation turnaround. Our assisted design services (provided using our extensive in-house engineering experience) mean we are able to ensure a complete customer focussed experience during the co-ordination of projects. It is clear to see why JH Lavender should become your preferred choice for your next die cast project.


Early involvement with a project is a prerequisite to ensure customer quality and service expectations are understood. JH Lavender carry out extensive component feasibility studies from the outset of a project to ensure our customers choose the right process to minimise unit costs whilst maintaining component integrity.

Solidification modelling and material flow analysis are processes that we support from the outset of any new projects. FMEA supported by integrated design review ensure our customer quality expectations are supported from sampling to part approval.

Our team of professional and dedicated engineers are happy to provide full design assistance with either your concept or near finalised design ideas. Our team will work closely with you from very early stage concept through to full production to ensure a smooth transition for your product into full volume manufacture. We pride ourselves in being able to offer this exceptional level of support for both existing and prospective customers.