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Company Development

The UK based motorcycle industry dominated the early days of business for JH Lavender. The early 1900’s were boom years for the motorcycle industry and our products were in high demand. Legend has it that a minor processing issue created pink pistons on one production run which were so very unique that the customer bought them anyway as a special order!

During the 1950’s, JHL commenced supply of castings to the aerospace industry and had a dedicated 100% Quality Assurance section for this industry sector. Initially supplying components to the “British Overseas Airways Corporation”, business then developed to supply the Bristol Aerospace Company too. Supply to the aerospace industry was incredibly labour intensive however formed a core part of JHL business throughout the 1950’s and 1960’s.

During the 1960’s, JHL added the marine sector to the growing portfolio of customers. Supplying components for outboard motors to companies such as British Anzani and British Seagull. In addition Reliant vehicles and CAV came along at this time adding much more variety to the customer base, the demand for which at this time was mainly gravity castings.

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