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Industry Sectors

As a member of the SMMT we aim to keep in touch with all the latest industry developments thus ensuring we are prepared for the inevitable industry challenges and opportunities.


This is the largest industry sector for JH Lavender. We continue to see great expansion in this area and are proud to be suppliers of premium die cast products to automotive companies both on a 1st and 2nd tier basis.

Many of the companies we support in this sector source fully machined and assembled items from us.

Our ppm performance for our customers in this sector is excellent and we continue to strive to ensure we maintain this excellent record of achievement


JH Lavender have had a long relationship with many companies involved in the UK Gas industry, in some cases stretching back 30+ years.

These strong links continue and the customer base has recently expanded leading to increased sales and a wider market share. We believe this will be a sector of continued growth for us which will allow us to balance our automotive business well into the future. It is key that we maintain a balanced order book and customer base.



Products supplied in this sector range from mobility aids to medical accessories used in hospitals and medical facilities throughout the UK.

The eventual destination for products manufactured with this sector is mostly UK however we have recently seen the expansion of some of these markets into the EU and beyond, therefore there is much potential for future growth.

This is an exciting industry for us to be involved in especially bearing in mind the ageing population in the UK and throughout most of Europe.

Off Highway Vehicles

Our automotive experience has assisted us in our access to this particular market.

Many components supplied are integral to engines and powertrain which is design technology derived from the automotive sector. Volume requirements for this market tend to be relatively low however the complexity of products sourced are often equally as demanding.

The vast majority of products manufactured for this market end up as exports to countries located all around the World.

Commercial Vehicles

JHL are also expanding their portfolio of goods supplied to the CV sector.

We already have established links to this sector in terms of both 1st and 2nd tier operations and we feel this is likely to also be a very strong growth area for us in the future.

Supplying both EU and UK markets, we will be actively looking to expand our exposure further within this sector.

Why choose JH Lavender & Co Ltd

  1. JHL has been in the die-casting business for 100 years and still going strong with continuous expansion.
  2. We have a comprehensive and wide range of die cast and CNC machines available to meet  customers’ needs.
  3. We specialise in highly technical requirements, and our technical team are available to work in tandem with you on your project.
  4. We can demonstrate proven excellence in quality, delivery and excellent PPM Performance.